48th Alumni Reunion Aug. 31, 2024 - We're Black & Gold and We Never Get Old

The Gideon Alumni Association began in 1976 when a few interested alumni joined the nation's excitement of celebrating the country's bi-centennial. The enthusiastic group wanted to host a local celebration for the town...a time for community unity and also a time that provided a gathering for adventurous pilgrims to connect with their hometown.

Labor Day weekend was selected as the date for the festivities which is now known as the "Gideon Homecoming". Many years there have been over 1000 in attendance at this event, which the association hopes will be carried on throughout the ages. The Gideon High School Alumni Association is committed to bringing our alumni together... If you are a Gideon High School alumnus or current student, you are considered a member of the Gideon Alumni. That makes you part of Southeast Missouri's alumni community... a richly diverse and global family with a shared pride in our Alma Mater. Welcome! We hope you enjoy looking through the site and learning more about the Gideon Alumni Association and its activities.

The Mission of the Gideon Alumni Association is to enhance and advance the relationship between the Gideon High School and all of its alumni.  We inspire lifelong loyalty and pride among alumni and friends by strengthening their continued relationship with the Gideon High School in every way.


48th Annual Gideon Homecoming

Thursday Aug. 29th - Saturday Aug. 31 - Hosted by the Class of 1974
We hope you will join us for a fun filled weekend! Click below for complete event information.
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